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About Top Fun Skydiving

Top Fun Skydiving is located on the beautiful Sebring/TriCity Airport, on State Route 62 between Alliance and Salem, Ohio at Westville Lake.

Now you can experience the sport of skydiving with safety and confidence. With the new passenger/pilot system, you can make your first skydive in greater safety than ever before. Your parachute, specially built for two, will carry you both safely to a soft tip-toe landing, with pin point accuracy. We do demonstration jumps into parties, fairs, sporting events and welcome all proposals. We make REAL Air Mail deliveries.
  • Spectators are always welcome
  • We provide airplane rides and are available for Aerial Photography
  • Cash or Credit Cards only. No personal checks please.
  • Group rates available for groups of five or more.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Most jumps are video taped and photographed for your later consideration (for an additional charge)

Tom Warner, Instructor

Tom Warner has a life long passion for skydiving. Hes 48 years old and his full time profession is Police Officer with 25 years service. Tom is a Lieutenant, in charge of afternoon shift, for the Police Department of the City of Alliance, Ohio. His skydiving career began in 1979. To his credit he has made 3500+ jumps.

Tom is a member of the United States Parachute Association, holds all of the Instructional ratings available and has been instructing skydivers for 21 years. He is a licensed parachute rigger (licensed to pack all parachutes including emergency parachutes).

Tom also holds a Demonstration License, referred to as a "Pro Rating". A Pro Rating allows Tom to make jumps into areas away from the airport for the purpose of demonstrations. He has jumped into downtown Cleveland, Ohio for the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland's Edgewater Park (on the shore of Lake Erie) for Forth of July Celebrations. He has jumped into the Rubber Bowl for Akron University, Mount Union College events as well as Walsh College. And Tom says with a smile "too many High School Football Stadiums to count". All of which were performed without injury or property damage.

Tom is also a licensed pilot with several hundred hours logged.

Tom is very proud of their safety record and attributes their success to the fact that they follow all rules set forth by the United States Parachute Association.

Tom and his family are residents of Beloit, Ohio and he maintains office and skydiving facilities at Sebring/TriCity Airport - Beloit, Ohio.

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