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Instructor Assisted Freefall (IAF)

Skydiving Training

Instructor Assisted Freefall (IAF) is an accelerated program geared toward advancing the student to solo freefall status in just a few jumps. Upon completing the IAF program, the student begins by doing a tandem jump, followed by two or three additional training tandems. The student must accumulate 120 seconds of freefall time and accomplish several other Targeted Learning Objectives, TLO's, before going on to jump solo. The next portion of the training is done with solo jumps while the instructor holds on to and guides the student, letting go of them only after stability is established. All of these jumps are done from 10,500 feet above the ground utilizing a 45 to 50 second freefall. This is an accelerated method of learning. The student is taught a lot at one time and is expected to retain a lot in a short period of time. Since each jump is done from a higher altitude and involves more instruction, the jumps are priced accordingly.
  • FIRST JUMP COURSE - $200.00 - Same as tandem first jump course.
  • SECOND JUMP - $125.00 - Includes additional training.
  • LEVEL THREE - $100.00 - Possibly the last tandem jump.
  • LEVEL FOUR - $100.00 - Done after a comprehensive ground school as it is solo.
  • LEVEL FIVE - $85.00 - Solo exits with instructor exiting along side of student.
  • LEVEL SIX - $75.00 - Solo exit total release dive with freefall maneuvers.
  • LEVEL SEVEN - $75.00 - Solo exits with student planning the skydive and flying to the instructor, then flying away for separation at opening time.

  • If the TLO for that level is not completed correctly, that level will have to be repeated. The repeat dive could possibly be done at a discounted rate depending on the reason and the amount of training needed to complete the Targeted Learning Objectives.

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