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Static Line

Skydiving Training

The Static Line method of training is the way in which the majority of very experienced skydivers have learned. The static line is a nylon rope that is attached to the parachute at one end, with the airplane at the other. It is approximately 8 feet long. The student climbs out of the airplane and hang on the wing strut momentarily, then let go, and the static line pulls the parachute open for them. These jumps are done from about 3500 feet above the ground. The parachute ride lasts from 4 to 7 minutes depending upon the weight of the student. There is a 240 pound weight limit.

The United States Parachute Association, USPA, requires that students participating in the static line method perform 5 static line jumps during which they demonstrate their ability to pull a ripcord by pulling a practice ripcord. The next step is called clear and pull, in which the student is pulling the real ripcord, but they pull it as soon as they let go of the plane. Then the student will be taken to 4000 feet above the ground and will start to do short freefalls, starting with 5 seconds for three jumps, 10 seconds for three jumps, 15 seconds for three jumps, 20 seconds, 25 seconds and so on until they are able to control their movements in freefall so as to be able to jump by themselves safely. Students should be able to earn a USPA license and then jump with other skydivers.
  • FIRST JUMP COURSE - $200.00 - Includes all equipment and 5+ hours of training.
  • SECOND JUMP - $125.00 - All additional training andequipment included.
  • REMAINING S/L Jumps - $65.00 - All training and equipment included.
  • CLEAR AND PULLS - $55.00
  • 10 second delay - $50.00
  • 15 second delay - $45.00
  • 20 second delay - $40.00

  • Jumps after this level will be priced individually. This is usually $20.00 equipment rental and the cost of the airplane ride.

  • 3500 feet - $12.00
  • 5500 feet - $15.00
  • 7500 feet - $17.00
  • 9500 feet - $19.00
  • 10,500 feet - $20.00
  • 12,500 feet - $25.00

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