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Skydiving Training

Tandem Skydiving is where the student is harnessed together with their instructor in a specially built parachute for two. The advantages of this type of jump are: The training only takes about 30 minutes and you do get to jump from 10,500 feet above the ground. This allows you to freefall for approximately 40 seconds on your very first jump. Your instructor is right there with you the entire jump. On a tandem jump, the parachute is opened at 5000 feet above the ground providing the student a 7 to 10 minute parachute ride.

The only drawback to tandem jumping is a height and weight restriction. The student cannot weigh more than 205 pounds or be taller than 6 feet 2 inches. (Height can be waivered, however, the weight limit is etched in stone. All jumpers heights and weights must be proportionate. It is recommended for females that their weight not be more than 20 pounds over the medically suggested weight for their height.
  • FIRST JUMP COURSE - $200.00 - Includes equipment and training
  • At this point, the student would pick a method of learning to skydive, either the STATIC LINE or INSTRUCTOR ASSISTED FREEFALL. Refer to these training programs for their costs.

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